Your Babys Growth And Development

Unlike us who struggle to keep up with our work duties during the day and can sit back, watch TV and really relax only during the night you little baby is not governed by the fascist rules of night and day. They will sleep whenever they feel like it, wherever they feel like it, and however long they want to. On an average, babies sleep close to 17 hours a day. A whopping nine hours more than what we can just about manage. However, unlike us they dont nap for long stretches of time, most of their sleeping spells extend only up to 2-3 hours. When they do wake up they expect to be fed or changed and in case you forget to meet those expectations theyll create a ruckus just to remind you.

To help your babys routine get more conventional, in terms of its sleeping/feeding time etc. you can take a number of steps. To make sure he/she learns that nighttime is the time to sleep and daytime the time to stay up and throw tantrums, put your baby in a room that is too bright during the day to fall asleep in. However be careful to not put your baby in direct sunlight. At night either shift your baby to a room that is cold and dark, or use the same room but just curtain it up and switch…

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