Woman ‘realised fiancé was cheating after spotting new bedsheets in photo’

Woman ‘realised fiancé was cheating after spotting new bedsheets in photo’

A woman claims she was forced to cancel her wedding after discovering her fiance was cheating – and found out in the worst way possible.

The woman, on TikTok, said she had to cancel with less than four weeks to go and break the bad news to more than a hundred people.

Going by Leela Li on her profile, she said her family judged her “left and right” for her tough decision. 

“I called my wedding off 26 days before it was supposed to happen because I found my ex-fiance on an adult website,” she said.

“It was a big wedding too. It wasn’t just a small little get-together, I had 101 people on the invites from all over the United States.

“But I started seeing some red flags so I started searching. I don’t know if I got what I wanted, I mean, I guess I did.”

Leela had been engaged to the man for a year and dating for three years at this point, with their families getting on well.

But after he proposed an open relationship ahead of their big day, she decided to take a break and went to stay at her friend’s house.

Describing the moment she realised something was wrong, Layla claimed she went back to their house to use her computer

“I log on to my computer and I see there’s stuff in the recycle bin so of course, I click on it.

“It’s deleted history from an [adult website] and it’s weird stuff.”

After scouring the site with her friends, she said she couldn’t find anything with his name or face but they did recognise one photo.

It featured another part of the body – with the couple’s bedsheets in the background.

“Those sheets were kinda new, like a couple of months old, so this wasn’t something that was on the backburner or old news.

“I knew this was new”, the woman said.

Her story has gone viral, with more than 4.8 million views for her initial video on the social platform, followed by a series of follow-ups.

Her frank claims sparked thousands of supportive comments, while others shared stories of similar heartbreaking moments.

One woman commented: “I”m so sorry. Divorce is far more expensive and painful, you did the right thing.”

Another said: “I’d rather find out 26 days before than 26 days after.”

A third added: “You made the right decision. I wish I would have cancelled mine. Divorce is harder to step into than stepping out of an engagement. So proud of you.”

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