Why Attending funerals on your birthday is a bad Omen

Have you ever attended a funeral ceremony on your birthday? If your answer is yes. You just landed yourself in a complicated mess. But if your answer is no. You are not yet free. Who knows? You may one day find yourself at a funeral ceremony on a day that is supposed to be your birthday- a day for celebration rather than grieving.

Attending funerals on a birthday is considered a bad omen or bad luck. Though you may think some facts are superstitious, you as well believe that “we wrestle not against flesh and blood but principalities and powers of darkness.

An Akan will tell you “if there is nothing strange about this world, we would not have slept with our doors closed.”

If for once or as many times you have attended a funeral ceremony on your birthday, then this article is meant for you. I need you to read to the very bottom. And if you haven’t you may one day do so, or a closed relative may. So I urge you to read this article to the very bottom also and share it with your loved ones.

In this article, I am going to tell why it is considered a bad omen to attend a funeral on your birthday. And what to do if you have ever or ever found yourself in such an awkward situation.

What Is A Birthday?

A birthday is a day where you come into the universe for the first time, a day where your maker breathes the breath of life into you to become a living soul. Such a day is worthy to be celebrated.

What Is A Death Day?

This is the time where you say the last goodbye to the universe, a day where your breath of life is taken away from, and a day where your loved ones will see you no more.

Why It Is A Bad Luck To Attend A Funeral On Your Birthday

It is considered unlucky to attend a funeral on your birthday. The Chinese do not. If you are planning a service, plan around it. Otherwise, politely decline with regrets.

In many societies, it is believed that the soul of the deceased wanders about for some time before finally leaving the shores of the earth. At such a time when it is someone’s funeral. You shouldn’t attend the funeral ceremony if that particular day happens to be your birthday. But there are instances where death is close to you that you can’t simply ignore the funeral ceremony.

Here is what you must do.

After attending a funeral on your birthday. Put salt into water, wash your hands and feet with it. Salt is considered a great neutralizer that neutralizes all negative energies. Washing your hands and feet with a salt solution will clear any bad luck you may have taken from the funeral ceremony.

There is no cause of panic if you follow this simple remedy. Share to your friends, family, or loved ones so that they will know what to do if they find themselves in such a situation.

Thank you for reading.

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