When You See These Kind Of Visions In Your Dreams This Is The Meaning Especially Swimming In A River

The devil is an expert at killing of dreams. The enemy can turn a good dream into a nightmare, dreams can also be manipulated, so do not conclude easily on certain dreams especially when the dream is not clear to you.

Check out these dreams and their meaning

Swimming in the river

If you always see yourself bathing or swimming in a river, this could mean initiation into the marine kingdom. It could also mean a period of emotional thread ahead of your life or challenges.

Sex in the dream

Dream of having sex with someone you don’t know in the dream could mean spiritual husband or wife. And it is a serious sign of spiritual pollution which could lead to physical sickness.

A baby speaks of new life and new aspect in your life and ministry. A baby boy speaks of teaching and leadership type of ministry. A baby girl speaks of more prophetic or creative aspects of your ministry.


If you Dream you are in a cage or held captive by the enemy, it represents your lack of freedom. It means you are bound by your circumstances, your past or some form of oppression.


Disease in the dream speaks of sin, unclean, contamination


Maturity,prosperity and nourishment, spiritual maturity, reward of your hard work. Rotten fruits speak of a curse in your life.

To dream of having a beautiful hair that is pleasing to you means you are confident of yourself. To dream that your hair is damaged is a picture of conflict. If your hair is shaved in the dream, it means your glory has been tampered with.


Could represent the spirit of destruction, attack from the enemy, negative word spoken against you, spirit of Satan, spirit of fear.

If you see cockroaches in the dream, it is a sign that the enemy has gained license into your life, an indication of small sins that have crept into your life.

Positivity represents mass evangelism, connecting with people or being part of a group. While negatively it means being ensnared by the enemy.


If you dream and see large water engulfing you circumstances surrounding your life and overwhelming you, it could also mean an attack from the enemy coming like a flood.


Beginning of something new in your life that is not yet visible. If you dream of giving birth early or not realizing you were pregnant, it means that the Lord has been doing something in your life behind the scenes and it will soon come to pass.

If you dream of being pregnant for someone you did not like in the past, it means you have refused to let go of something from your past and it has taken root in you. If you miscarried in the dream it means the enemy is trying to steal what God has given to you.


If you dream that you lose your wedding ring, it means that something is wrong with your relationship with the Lord or with your husband.


To dream of being tied to a rope means you are being bound, restricted and unable to do what you suppose to do.


If you dream that you passed a test, it simply means you have completed a task given to you by God. But if you constantly see yourself in the school where you have left, it means there’s something from that place that is troubling you.


Represents spirit of fear and spirit of infirmity


Means bitterness that is in your life


Being washed with water speak of being cleansed from your sin. Bitter or dirty water speaks of contamination and bitterness in your life. To dream of being in an unclean water, speaks of things you have gotten yourself involved with.


If you dream of being married in the dream to someone you do not like, it could be you have joined yourself to something that is not of God.


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