we shall talk

We shall talk

One day,
When we would have survived down the pain,
We shall call you,
You friends of us.

Once comfortable,we shall have to tell,
We shall talk about people who broke us💔,
Those who made us feel worthless😢😢,
Who made our smile disappear making us dump🥺.

How they made us resolve to soltitude,locking people out of our life’s completely🔒🔒,
The days we cried ourself to sleep because of them,
When we could seem desperate for love🥺🥺,
Because our hearts were in pain💔.

We gave out love and given confusion back instead🥺,
We placed ourselfs in situations we can’t yet comprehend becoz of them,
Days when lies were our food ,tears our smile💔,
Just the days when betrayal is what we were served
Then we shall have to talk about how we survived through😊.


©Onkoba Dee Poet

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