we know each other

We knew each other by chance,
When I least expect it
But from from the moment I run my eyes on your pic,
From the moment engaged a chat with u,
I found you attractive and easy to befriend
We interacted with each other and said Hello
That’s how our friendship started

We’ve known each other for 2 days
But the way we relate someone may think
We’ve known each other for a decade
You are so unique
You are so amazing
You are so kind and you help me
Even without meaning to
You are so precious

You brighten up my day
You make the world a better and a happier place
You are the kind of friend anyone could ask for
I’m glad you are mine
You are for keeps
I hope you’re a straight line that won’t bend
I hope you stay a little longer
Cause my heart really likes you
© Smartex

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