Two Lookalike Turned Out To Be Twins After They Met On Social Media

Cheng Keke and Zhang Li discovered that their single mother had split them at birth and given them up for adoption. Following a DNA test, they found they were twins.

According to the South China Morning Post, Keke announced the happy news on ByteDance’s Douyin social media video site on Thursday, April 29.

Keke, a single mother, was told by her sister-in-law in January that a teacher in Kaifeng city resembled her and her immediate relatives so much that she couldn’t tell them apart.

The 29-year-old then wanted to contact Zhang Li and was taken aback at how similar they felt. Aside from looking alike, the pair discovered they were born in the same month of the same year, shared the same blood colour, diet preferences, and dressed in a similar manner. They video called each other a month after meeting and were taken aback by their similarity.

Keke had never known she was adopted since birth, but after meeting Li, she summoned the nerve to ask her mother the difficult question. Her mother initially refuted the allegations, but later revealed her suspicions. Following the revelation, Keke and Li met the next day and were ecstatic to be together 29 years later.

Melon and Sharon, who have a startling similarity, grew up in neighboring counties but attended the same schools. Melon attended an event at Shikoti Secondary School one day, and students there couldn’t believe how much she resembled one of their classmates.

Later, her teachers saw Sharon at a Masinde Muliro University event and were completely taken aback because she was a carbon copy of Melon. Sharon and Melon then linked on Facebook, and it was like staring into a mirror for them. They were twins, according to a DNA test performed later.

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