to say or not to say

 How can I tell you all of my hurting when I know that you talk about people who have been through the same in a different way.  Look am dying to tell you, but I just can't tell the aftermath. I still love you but the trust just died in its own way. 

   How can I even tell you when I know you've got people whom you are close with. They will all look at me in all their ways. Can you also tell that you would reason the same. They might give me those pity looks. They might also give me those judgemental looks then spread the gospel as they used to. We both wouldn't love that,would we?? 

     How can I tell that my heart will be secure after we talk or would I just be forced to be dumb and never speak a word. How can I tell that am safe with you after we talk. How can I tell that you would still look at me the same way. How can I tell that am still gonna be your blood. I need a reassurance. 

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