those weird places

Those places

I’ve been at those places and little edges where I’d hope I feel love,
I’ve cried inside out still hoping love will beat instead of my heart,
Out of this madness, I only get a cure of loneliness.
I hold on to nothing but my tears,
but they’re not strong enough,
they are just empty reminders of how hurt I am.

There’s nothing in this world as loud as my cry,
and even though my tears run dry before I think of why I wanted your kind of love,
I believe there’s nothing as such,
there’s no love,
it’s just a fallacy with half truths.

But I’ll wait for you at those places,
where I lost my heart instead of my brain,
I’ll still wait and linger on those truths of love,
hoping you’d appear soon enough so we continue,
continue living in that fallacy,
hoping that its truths holds us still.

~The Concerned

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