The Best and Secret Way To A Man’s Heart Final Episode,10. The Way and The Secret Has Been Revealed.

The Way To A Man’s Heart💌💌

💌💌By Hossana Isaac O.
(Hossy Short Story Series)

Chapter 10💌💌


Couple in Love, Lover Man Embrace Woman, Two Lovers Kiss

After that day, I fell ill. I managed to go to work for one week but after that I couldn’t help myself anymore. I had to call on my Doctor who said my blood pressure had shot up. I got admitted to the hospital and spent another one week there.
I attended therapy afterwards and the therapist kept telling me to believe she’ll come back.

After I got better, I phoned her dad and was hoping she’d be there. But to my dismay, he began to ask if Louisa was doing fine with me and if I liked her cooking. I then knew she wasn’t with him because he was this honest old man and he wouldn’t lie.
I just played along with him and told him she was fine because he had a heart problem.

I checked at her school but couldn’t find her. The Head of her department didn’t even pay attention to me. Turned out he was Alyson’s new bedmate.

I had lost all hope of seeing Louisa and I was so scared. I didn’t know how I would account for her. I was scared she’d get hurt
I just wanted to lay my eyes on her again
I didn’t even get the opportunity to apologize to her. I tried to text her but that line was no longer existing. She changed her phone number.

One day, after a busy day at the company, I returned home with a severe headache. I went straight to the kitchen and gulped down a bottle of cold water to help relieve the ache.
I returned to the living room and sank into my couch.
Pure hunger was written on my face. Ever since Louisa left I’ve been skipping meals despite the hunger. I just preferred to sleep over it. Whenever I could, I went to a restaurant. I mostly take crackers and coffee for breakfast and it began to affect me because it wasn’t a balanced type of diet.

All I wanted was Louisa. I needed her as a matter of fact. I loved her and hoped she’d come back even if it was for a second.

That fateful day, I had slept off in my living room. I removed my suit and laid down on the couch. I was still sleeping soundly when the sound of the doorbell jingled through my brain. I got up immediately. I rubbed my eyes and walked to the door then opened it without looking through the pinhole.

My eyes widened immediately I set them on Louisa. At first I couldn’t believe it, I thought it was my imagination.

She was crying

“Jes… Jesse” she called out

Oh my God it’s truly her. That’s my Louisa. Hallelujah!

I began to walk towards her till I filled up the space between us
“I… I’m sorry… I..” she stopped talking as I got way to close.
I gently placed my hands on her arms and she stiffened. I looked at her face, the face I had been dying to see for over a month. I missed Louisa so much.

She sniffed and I bent my head and gently placed my lips on hers. I closed my eyes and kissed her like they held the cure to the headache I had. I was gentle on her lips and I took my time to let her know I’m not letting her go again.

When I finally disengaged, I looked her in the eye
“why did you leave me?” I asked. Tears dropped down her eyes. She opened her mouth to speak but the words didn’t come out, only tears flowed out.

I placed my hands on her neck gently and began to kiss her again. Her mouth was still open and I let my tongue rub on hers.
She didn’t kiss me back and I didn’t care. I wanted to kiss her and it wasn’t my concern if she responded or not. The most important thing was that I could hold her again.

I stopped the kiss and looked at her face. She looked at the floor and I hugged her to myself

“why did you leave me Louisa?” I asked

I felt her arms surrounding my waist then she began to cry

“I’m sorry… I’m so sorry Jesse. I was stupid. Please forgive me” she cried out.

I disengaged from her, took her hand and led her inside. I sat her down on the couch and clutched her hands in mine.

“Jesse please I’m really sorry for leaving like that. I was ashamed of myself for what I did that night. I’m sorry for getting drunk at the party. I’m sorry for forcing myself on you. I’m sorry for running away after I caused everything. I just couldn’t face the shame Jesse. I’m so sorry. Please forgive me” she said with tears flowing down. Does this girl have a waterfall behind her eyes?

I released her hands and placed them on her face, I wiped her tears off

“it’s not your fault princess. It was mine. I couldn’t control myself. I wasn’t supposed to do that to you while you were in that state. I took advantage of you Louisa and I regret it. I’m sorry. I’m really sorry” I apologized and rubbed my thumb on her smooth wet cheek

She gulped down and sniffed

“does that mean you’re not angry with me?” she asked

“well, I was angry with you. Trust me, I was. I wasn’t happy with the idea that you left me and didn’t even let me see you. But I still blamed myself. And right now, I’m not angry anymore. I miss you” I said and she smiled

“thank you Jesse” she appreciated and I nodded. I let go of her face and held her right hand then squeezed it

“but…. There’s.. Something I have to tell… You” she said

“what’s that?” I asked. She shifted back. Oh no! She doesn’t want to come back and live with me. Or she wants to warn me not to kiss her again. Or she wants to tell me she’s dating a stupid college boy. No way! I’d skin that boy and make it into a shoe that I’d use whenever I’m walking in mud.

“I…. Jesse I’m… I….”

“tell me” I said and held both her hands again

“I’m pregnant Jesse” she said and another batch of tears fell down


“I’m sorry. This is all my fault. I only drank much that night because I was panicking. Alyson had made jest of me and I saw other people doing same. I couldn’t help drinking to cool me down, only for me to get drunk. Jesse please don’t hate me. Please” she said and knelt down begging

I know Louisa and I had unprotected sex but how can I forget to use the withdrawal method.

Louisa is pregnant. Oh my God what have I done!

Louisa is pregnant…. Wait… She’s pregnant… for me. She’s carrying my baby. She’s going to be the mother of my baby. The woman I love is going to make me a father.
This is a way to victory

I knelt down but I couldn’t say anything anymore. I didn’t know if I should beg him to bring me back to his house, or if I should beg him to take responsibility of the baby. Or if I should beg him to let me get rid of it.

“Louisa” he finally called out after a minute of silence

“stand up” he said and gently pulled me up

“Louisa, don’t hurt my baby. Please I want you to keep it” he said to me

“what about my studies?” I asked
“I’ll take care of that” he said

“don’t stress yourself okay? Please you have to be strong for my baby… Our baby” he said and placed my face in his palms. I smiled and nodded. He smiled back and hugged me.

So I’m going to be a baby mama to Jesse. Things have taken a whole different turn. I wasn’t expecting this when I came to work here that day.

I’m so happy right now. I can’t wait to tell Courtney that Jesse accepted the pregnancy.

But something baffles me…. Why did Jesse baptize my lips with kisses earlier?


I disengaged from her and smoothed her hair

“uh Louisa… Are you… going back?” I asked. I wanted to know if she was still going to stay with me

“I don’t know… Whatever you want. Do you want me to go back?”

“no. Stay. Stay with me. Let’s take care of our baby together” I said and rubbed her tummy. She chuckled quietly and nodded

“but where were you staying?”
“at my friend’s place. Her name’s Courtney”
“is she decent?” I asked because university girls can be a little cranky sometimes or most times as a matter of fact

“haha, yes she is. She doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke, doesn’t club, and she’s straight. She’s not lesbian”

“thank God you added that last part because I was gonna ask about her sexuality” I said and she laughed

“please do me a favour” I said to her

“what is it?” she asked

“well, ever since you left I’ve been…. Hungry. Really hungry. I need food Louisa. I want to eat your food again” I said and tickled the back of her ear

She laughed and removed my hands
“okay I’ll get dinner ready.” she said

I sighed and sat down. I still had that headache

“and while you’re at it, could you please get me some ice for my head? It’s so hot and achy” I said and closed my eyes

“sure” she said

“be careful. Don’t do anything in a hurry. My baby shouldn’t be stressed”

“as you wish!” she said in a yell. Seems she’s already past the dinning table.

I laid down and smiled. My Louisa is back. All that’s left is for me to tell her I have feelings for her. And if possible, make her my girlfriend. Anything can happen from there.

Few minutes later she came back and she sat beside me. I opened my eyes and she was carrying a bowl of ice with a clean towel.

“I’ll massage your head for you” she stated and poured some of the ice into the bowl. She wrapped it up and placed it on my head

“ahh, that feels good” I groaned and she chuckled. She let it stay there for a few seconds before lifting it and rubbing her index finger and middle finger together on my forehead and temple.

“Louisa… Do you why I kissed you earlier and why I actually care about you a lot?” I asked

“I don’t know, I was actually wondering” she replied

“Louisa… I’ve had feelings for you for three months now. I love you Louisa”
She paused and left the towel in the bowl where she was to pick it from and put it on my head

“stop joking me” she said and I held her hand

“I love you. Even before the anniversary. I fell for you” I said and sat up

“I’m sorry if this news sounds sudden to you but I don’t want to keep it till tomorrow. I want you to know now that Jesse Mariano is in love with you, has always been in love with you” I said and used my finger to tint her face to look at me

“can I kiss you… again?” I asked and she moved her eyes to my lips and to my eyes again. She didn’t answer me but I knew that meant yes.

I brought my face closer and tenderly kissed her. To my surprise, Louisa kissed me back.

Few minutes later, after she went back to the kitchen, I went upstairs for a shower but immediately I entered my room I turned on my music.

“I feel gooood…. Tanananananana!” I screamed as I jumped around and danced

Few weeks after I came back to Jesse, Mrs Mariano came for a visit and Jesse and I decided to tell her we were expecting a baby.

We were sitting in the backyard under the apple tree. We just finished a light lunch and were enjoying the breeze. Winter was approaching and so was Christmas.

“mum, there’s something we would like to tell you” Jesse started. He held my hand and we both looked at each other then looked at her

“yes, tell me” she said and drew her chair closer. She was sitting close to Jesse.

“mum… Louisa and I are expecting a baby” Jesse said with a smile. I was also smiling.

The next thing that happened was three sound slaps that landed on Jesse’s cheek in three seconds. Each slap was a second away from the other

My eyes widened. Even Jesse was surprised

“how dare you!” she yelled at him
“I knew it! I knew you couldn’t keep your trousers zipped! Look what you’ve done to my beautiful Louisa.” she said

“mama! I love your beautiful Louisa” he said and held his cheek

“and does my beautiful Louisa love you too?” she asked and they both looked at me.

I really like Jesse now but…. I don’t know if I love him. I looked at his face and apart from the pain from the slap, I saw a new kind of pain forming. It hurts to love and not be loved back.

I smiled and squeezed his hand.
“I love you Jesse” I said and a bright smile formed across his face

“kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!” Mrs Mariano chanted

I laughed. This old woman is crazy, isn’t she?

I looked at Jesse who was looking at me, he wants me to make the first move. I leaned over, held his face in my palms and kissed him passionately. Maybe I do love Jesse. There’s always been a bond between us and I might have stopped myself from making it find its expression back then. But right now, I’m gonna let it flow

Jesse’s hands slipped around my waist through the space between the chair handle.

“hey that’s enough! Enough of that already! Don’t remind me of my youth” she said and we laughed and disengaged from each other

“I’ll come back here for Christmas. We’ll have a splendid family time. I’ll come with Lucas, Marcel and Pablo” she said joyfully

She stood up and began to walk towards the house
“I hope it’s a boy. I want a healthy boy who I can tell all my ancient Roman folktales to as bed time stories” she said as she walked

Jesse and I chuckled. He leaned over to my side and placed his hand over my shoulder.

“please promise me you’ll make dinner today. Yesterday’s dinner was horrible” he said

“no it wasn’t Jesse. Her cooking yesterday was perfect. I loved it”

“yeah yeah. I know it was good but I just miss your cooking. I want you to cook for me tonight. Don’t worry, I’ll assist you so you don’t stress my baby too much”

I shook my head and laughed at him.

“Foodie!” I teased and he laughed and bent his head to kiss me

“I said enough!” Mrs Mariano yelled and hit him on the back with a fruit bowl

When did she get back here?
“Louisa my love, here eat all of these fruits. You need a lot of vitamins and a lot of strength to carry out your daily activities” she said and handed me the fruit bowl

“awwn. Thank you Mrs Mariano” I said and took a pear 🍐 from the bowl

“call me mama” she said and I smiled

“mama” I repeated and we laughed.

“I have good news. From today until I go back to Italy, I’ll be preparing all the meals to save Louisa’s time and energy and no one, will make me change my mind” she said

“what?!” Jesse shouted
The End
Written by Hossy

Readers, have you ever wondered why some men cheat on their wives with housemaids? One of the reasons is because those maids cook their food, and even serve them at the table. When the wives are away, they conveniently leave their husbands for the maids to feed morning, afternoon and night. The men keep seeing these maidens offering them food and water and clearing their plates. Automatically, there’s an attraction. A magnetic attraction that attracts the stomach to the hands that feed him. Don’t you know that it is the hands that feed a man that the heart of the man would serve?

Ladies, before you get married or even in marriage, learn how to spoil your spouse with good food. Give your spouse a reason not to miss meals at home.
Learn from far and wide, don’t let your food be the local dish you grew up with. Learn not only Nigerian delicacies, learn South African, learn Cameroonian, Ghanaian, etc. It won’t take anything from you to learn other foreign dishes. Italian and American dishes are not too hard. You can learn with just your phone.
Give your kids a reason to run to the dinning table when it’s time for meals. You too would be happy

Also, you can make your delicacies divers. You don’t have to repeat one food all the time that your family already knows what you’ll cook before you even start cooking. Take them by surprise.

Even poor people can do different things if they have the ideas with their little farm produce.

Non of my readers would be poor, so my ladies in the house, don’t allow your dinning table to look poor during meals

With this advice of mine, I hope I’ve been able to purposely convince you and not confuse you that one of 💌THE WAY TO A MAN’S HEART💌 is 💌HIS STOMACH💌

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