Sarkodie leads the league of the silent in the #FixTheCountry campaign

Sarkodie and some influential Ghanaians who convinced their fans to vote for Nana Addo now silent in a campaign dubbed FIX THE COUNTRY which now trending on social media particularly twitter.

SARKODIE – The renowned Ghanaian rapper who has a huge fan base off and on social media can’t join the campaign because he played a huge role in restoring the NPP back into power and maintaining power. He did so in his songs bashing and criticizing the past government, an example of sons is “Inflation”. A few days to the 2020 election he did back Nana Addo in his song to “Happy Day featuring Kwame Eugene” to continue his work. But today Sarkodie now is the leader of the silent.

Prince David Osei – The Ghanaian actor who was very active during campaigns for the NPP prior to the December 2020 elections . In one of his campaign speech, he said he was wise to know and choose what was best for the country and will not support any bad course. Today the actor who once very active at politics is now absolutely silent.

Kwadwo Sheldon is a youtuber who owns one of the fastest growing YouTube channels also makes this list. Very enthusiastic about the NPP maintaining power decided to campaign using his social media platforms for them which eventually came to past. Today he is seen in a tweet insulting the very people who gave him the audience on social media and have joined the campaign against bad governance as he tweeted that when people get any chicken change mobile data they come online and push any agenda at all they see and also their hashtag campaign can’t change anything at all about the country. His tweet is below.

Afia Schwarzenegger – was also seen mounting various NPP campaign platforms engaging in vigorous campaigns for people to vote for Nana Addo, but today when things are not going as expected her voice is nowhere to be heard

SAMINI – Also did campaign for the incumbent government, almost present at all campaigns before the election entertaining and convincing others to join him vote for the current president. But many described it as campaign based on monies he received from the political party and so the money was on his silence too when things go wrong.

regardless of our party affiliations when things go wrong we should do well to speak against it. Join the campaign against bad governance. #FIXTHECOUNTRY!!!

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