roses on fire


Why can’t I touch you?
But I guess I shouldn’t even ask, right?
The calluses on my hands are rough enough to bruise
The dirt under my nails repulsive enough to push
I’m sorry I wasn’t what you expected
I’m not what I expected either.

Do you hear me calling?
Did you know my lips dried out from screaming so much
I wish you would turn around…just once
Long enough for me to memorize your face
Save it as a momento and stick it to the wall of my brain
Loving is torture, but we do it anyway.

Would it be different if I changed?
If I wasn’t so broken
Or if I had all my pieces to fix?
I guess I wasn’t the full package
Or atleast half of it.

Do you smell it, the smoke?
I’m burning
Hanging on the stake you set with your negligence
Stripped of pride, I’m something one step below human
My flesh melts like wax on a candlelit dinner
A candlelit dinner, something I always wished we’d have
How ironic that my only dream would change into a nightmare
Yet I’m not surprised
see life has always had it’s games
I just never seem to win them.

My dear, do you smell it?


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