raging anger

I was ragging in anger,
Fuming in hatred,
Cursing this so called lover’s day,
But all these changed a week before this beautiful day,
From the moment I met you,
You killed the burning flame of hatred in me,
And extinguished it with love,
It all started by writing,
Writing ikaturn kuwa vibes,
Vibes soothed my heart,
Melted the solid walls of my heart,
Making me vulnerable to love,
Love that I had cursed ages back,
You broke that curse,
And now I feel am flying on Aladdin’s magic carpet,
As we explore the beautiful valentine theme,
While holding you in my arms,
As your head finds its resting place on my chest,
Right in between your fingers that gap is filled by mine,
That’s how you filled up the emptiness in me,
I never planned to celebrate this day but I wouldn’t want you to pay me for another’s blunder,
You deserve to be crowned this day,
I am one proud son of a bitch,
Blessed by The Almighty Jah,
And I am glad and honored,
To give you this crown ,
You’re my Valentine and you will forever be my love

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