my poem


Guys get addicted to drugs,
Mimi niko addicted in words,
Some drown deep in love,
But mimi nadrown deep in writing,
Some are good at instrumentals,
Mimi ni good at lyrical,
Words flow in me,
Na zispit out kwa pages za book,
Written in ink never to be rubbed off,
My heart is filled with letters,
While akilini kuna stampede ya which letters will come out first,
Making me feel flooded kama kano plains,
Baada ya River Nyando kubreak through its banks,
I chew words like cud,
But wewe utaziswallow ukizisoma,
Am a poet full of ideas,
But wewe ndio my poem,
Cause you make it a Masterpiece,
Kunifanya kuitwa Myles The Masterpiece,
And I ain’t boosting,
Rather nakufeel even more,
You make words taste like honey,
Cause wewe ndio Queen bee wa zinga,
You thought I was talking about poetry,
Zae nimeamua kuwa twist kiasi,
My lady is my poem,
Nililack words za kuandika kumshow how much I love her,
Nikamfanya awe my poem nikiexpress my feelings in a poetic way,
I love you kamummy.

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