my diverse mind

My Mind – A Phoenix

The next morning when I begin to Rise,
I shall ask the mind to be Wise.

As I follow the Ideologies of Life,
I Elucidate to myself not to Strive.

Peace of Mind is merely what I Need,
To forget the Assault of Today’s Greed.

I Sit in Solitude to recollect the reminiscences of the Past,
It makes me wonder about how Time flies so Fast.

Today I Mock the fantasy of Growing up as a Child,
As I realize Adulthood is merely a Prison for the Wild.

Adjustments and Compromises have become my Companions Now,
Yet the Spark of Life is still being embraced Somehow.

Take me back to the Journey of My Salad Days,
Growing up has certainly snatched My Delighted Place.

When I run and run in search of a little Fun,
The horrors of the mind let me have None.

Shall I wait for the day, not to be Shy
Or with the wings of Lord, Do I Fly?

~Sukriti Chauhan

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