mirror on the wall

What do you see when you look at the mirror?
If you have to write a story, never give someone else the power to write your own book.
Take the throne like a queen, take a pat on the back. She is made of pain, blades and fire. If they wont be part of the process, cut them with your blades. And if they see you by your flaws, burn their dirty linen with your fire. A brutal world. Amidst the call, she has a thing for medicine. She is a nurse but she is ever running out of patience when it comes to her rights. She blends with poetry. She has a thing for art. some call it talent. But she is just what you think she ain’t. Lest you forget, she has the best curve in form of smiles, looks don’t lie. queens don’t need to be told what they are made of. She knows her worth. I hope someday, that lucid dream comes true. I hope someday, they will try have time for you but it will be late. I hope someday, you will take a toast to success. And remember the old days when life had a habit of giving you the middle finger.
I hope someday, just one day, you will remember today for it means, when you look at the image, she is a baby Shark on her way to fame.


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