lust or love


Is my eyes deceiving me?
What about my mind and thoughts?
But my heart can’t!!!
Because they are yearning for the same jewel,
The apple of peace within me,
I wonder if it’s love or infatuation..

Nyako, Jaber , I do miss you
Everytime I set my thoughts on you,
My mind do cease from proper network,
Kindly be my fibre,
Configure me to a proper network,
Just to be sure,
That it’s not just lust,
But love in the air…

Whenever I come across a beauty,
Your image comes into my mind.
My ever priceless princess,
You are more of an angel,
Sent by our Lord God,
To give me hope and aspirations,
Of everlasting love of God to me.
I praise Him Everytime,
For his enduring blessings upon me,
Giving me my heart desires,
To quench away my thirst.
Of the lust in me….

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