love is my life

Love of my life 💝

Babe 😍since I got you it has been
A great treasure in my life
All great time we share love,laughter,
Hot kisses😘 and romance babe🤩
you are my soulmate. I treasure you
And I need to be with you all days of forever
Coz you brought happy and unforgotable
Moments of love in my life💘❤️💜.

Babe i just wonder how I can survive
Without you late night meditation
You are such a special soul to me
Your kiss waters my dry lips babe you are so special to
Me since you caught my eyes
I see no other if it not you.

Babe the wonderful moments we share am sure
We are next romeo & Juliet💞 the mutual love that bounds us babe i treasure
you love you’re such a nice soul to me💗

Babe each and every day i wake up and think of you gives me a thousand reasons to stay a happy day your love keeps me going on and on
And brings to me thousand reasons to live 💘

Babe this love ain’t scam coz i feel your blood running through my veins i feel your love has conquered me you rule my love💘💞

I love you babe💘

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