kiss me till die

Kiss Me

In my arms take refuge, like a salvaged beast savor me
Take my lips into yours, feel the ripples of electrification shake your body
As my hands tender your soft skin, manoeuvering all over your curves.

Lemme feel every bulge, and every ounce of your beauty
As our moans cover the serenity of the air, with the aura of love making lingering provokingly
Feel my warm tongue torment your nipples, down the waistline as it slithers down your honeypot.

I wanna make you breathless, for my licks will not stop less
For I yearn to lick you till moaning leaves your lips, till air is all you can gasp for
Till twisting and clenching is all your muscles can offer, for royalty is all you deserve
As my fingers trail your clit, ready to bring hell and paradise in one package
Make you cry for me inside you, and watch your breasts tremble to the sizzling shiver.

Ride me like we in texas, feel my whole length inside you
Tickling the walls of your tightness, with sensations of unending want
My eyes can’t shut, for the sight before me is a gem
As your heavy chest bounces to the rhythm, as your bouncy ass bangs heavily to the sweetness
My eyes fall on your curvy hips, seeing them enlarge as strokes get harder
You’re all I want, be my cup of cream
For your scent clogs my nostrils, and your taste enslaves my tastebuds.

Kim The Poet©

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