just because i was crippled

Just because i was crippled

My smile would had been restored,
I would had been happy once again,
If they hadn’t ganged against me,
Just because I was crippled🥺.

I would have liked to smile,
Study like them in the big classes,
Played with them in the streets,
Worked in the big towns like them
But they abandoned,Indoors is where I was warned to stay,
Just because I was crippled🥺.

A curse is what they referred me to be,
A disgrace to the community my face was,
Why I still live in the streets,
Why I sleep in the cold corridors
Just because I was crippled🥺.

If by your way you see me begging,
Understand I do it for my stomachs’ cause,
Don’t spit on my face please,
Have mercy on thy soul please🙏🏽
Just because I was crippled✍️.


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