Is Too Early To Begin To Minister The Word Of God- Rev Opambour To Okomfo Agradaa

Rev Ebenezer Adarkwah Yiadom alias Opambour and Patience Asiedua formerly Nana Agradaa engaged in a verbal assault and exchange of words. What transpired was not the best to see two grown ups use profane words against each other live on TV.

Any moral lessons for the next generations from this trade of insults on our TV stations? Certainly not, and that shouldn’t be encouraged. The media and many others are on Agradaa’s neck for suggesting she’s repenting. Is there a defined route on how someone should repent from his or her sins?

A jail can reform someone, a good thing done to someone can reform the person. An advise can do as many other things can. In any, what’s important is repentance.

What’s important is you need regret whatever you feel you weren’t doing right and walking away from it. Why do we want to crucify people for ever being bad. Without bad or offense, forgiveness is of no use. Without bad there’s no good. We’ve seen social deviants who changed and in the face of us and have since being better Muslims and Christians than many others who for long have posed to be good.

God said, the regret of the sinner, leaves him more impressed than the pity of the pious. This suggests God is more happy when one who’s been a deviant leaves his bad ways and chooses Godly things. We are taught of some enemies of Christianity that reverted and became stronger warriors of Christ.

We have records of people who were idol worshipers that become better Christians. Similar with Islam. So why do we feel Agradaa can’t be a better Christian ? What if we rather spend some more time praying for guidance for her.

Rev. Ebenezer Adarkwah Yiadom in reaction to Agradaa’s repentance has indicated that he has forgiven her for the insults reigned on him. If Agradaa has seen the light and decided to quit idol worshiping it’s fine and alright but to repent and become an evangelist overnight is unheard of. He therefore entreated her handlers to train her before she begins to minister the word of God.

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