i get uncomfortable

I get uncomfortable,
Nikiwaza my dream girl,
My entire body burns in flammable love spirit,
Inaflame my entire system,
My neurons system is overloaded,
Cause thoughts zako zimenifload,
How do I sleep in the dark,
Yet nikiclose muh eyes ni wewe naona,
I fear falling asleep,
Cause nimekuwa nikipata nightmares,
Instead napata sweet dreams,
That I wouldn’t want the sun to come up to the horizon,
They say love is a beautiful thing,
Ningependa kuexperience it’s beauty,
If true love can awake the sleeping beauty,
Ningependa uwe my one and only true love,
I am the richest guy alive,
Cause love yako ndio Mali,
I own deep in my heart,


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