How to use mango leaf and guava leaf to treat weakness in bed naturall ( watch out)

Once again I am here to show you what works when it comes to the best natural way of treating weakness in bed, and you can leave your thanks in the comments segment .

Items needed:

1. Mango leaves are filled with medicinal and healing properties. Mango leaves are rich in vitamins C,B and A. They are also rich in flavonoids and phenol which impart anti-oxidant properties to the leaves.

2. Guava leaves are used as an herbal tea and the leaf extract as a supplement. Guava leaves are amazingly rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, potassium, and fiber. This remarkable nutrient content gives them many health benefits

Weakness in bed can affect men of all ages, but is especially common in older men. The most common problems related to sexual dysfunction include ejaculation disorders, erectile dysfunction and inhibited sexual desire. These issues can often be corrected by treating the underlying causes.


I know you couldn’t want anything more than to know how it is done. Get some fresh guava leaves and mango leaves.

Take 10 fresh guava leaves and mango leaves, wash the leaves thoroughly with tap water.

Take a saucepan, pour 1 ½ cup of water and let it boil on a medium flame for 3 minutes. 

Then add the washed guava leaves and the mango leaves to it and let it boil for 5-minutes. After that pour the water and filter to remove any piece of leaf. 


Take half cup of the concentrated twice every day by adding two spoon of horney.

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