How To Detect Scamming Activities On Your Phone or Computer. You Might Be Hacked If You Don’t Read This

Spyware or trackers, as they are commonly known, can be placed in an unsuspecting individual’s mobile phone so that one can get information stored in that phone or any other data useful to them. The intruders can be a spouse, family member or black hat hackers.

It should be noted that even for a phone with the strongest password, it is still possible to be hacked and spyware installed in it.

According to Pixel Privacy, here are ways in which you can detect the malware is in your phone :

  1. High Data Consumption

These apps that harvest your data tend to use a lot of mobile data bundles or high wifi usage when sending this data to hackers.

  1. Unexpected Reboots

Phone restarts by itself even when it is untouched. This may show that someone might have remote access to it hence the unexpected behaviour.

  1. Unexpected Text Messages

You may receive messages with weird characters or some of your friends or relatives may report getting offensive texts from you, which of course you didn’t send.

  1. Phone Becomes Increasingly Slower

These unscrupulous apps tend to use a huge chunk of Random Access Memory (Ram) as they try to gather information from the device.

If you notice the above situations, it can be a tracker installed on your phone or just a device whose time has come to pass. However, you may do the following to identify and remove the spyware:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Locate All Apps
  3. Look for apps with the following names: Trojan, spy, monitor, health, stealth or track.
  4. Delete these apps or any other that may have names unknown to and you didn’t install before.

Please be careful with the kind of apps you install on your phone when you receive files from Xender because when sharing files through Xender, Pop up apps are shared without your Notice.

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