his dear wife

Dear lovely wife,

Will you be mine, not for just the day, but for a lifetime?
Will you hold me every night and apologize when we fight?
Will you hold me tight when I’ve had a freight, making everything bright.

Will you always love me, I just want you to see that those fancy gifts mean nothing to me.
As long as I have you by my side and you’re ready for this life ride.

Will you promise to be my one and only woman. doing everything that you can.
Can you tell me you won’t easily give up, if things start to get rough.
Will you stay tough and not say you’ve had enough.

Will you love just me?
I pray you’ll be mine, so my heart can finally unwine.
Be my Valentine not for just the day,but every day.
Promise to not make my heart ever pay cause you want to go out and play.

I’ll always be by your side even through the ups and downs of the tide, always remember I’m in it for the long ride not for just a quick slide.

Be that woman I know you are and I know we shall go far.
Be my Valentine,
Be my love,
Be my everything to me.
I know we will stay in love.
I hope you know I have chosen you to be my Valentine Bae,,,

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