Hidden secret, a former Illuminati member has revealed where the antichrist will come from – Secret Confession

Brother Oscar was an Illuminati and a Grand Master in the Rose-Croix and was a higher-ranking Satanist, the fifth Satanist in Ivory Coast. In narrating his story, what he said has been transcribed below. please

I was the fifth Satanist in the country. I was the Prime Minister of witches in Africa, and I was married to the queen of the coast. At a very young age, I used to watch cartoons such as the Justice League, Gargamel, and his cat Azrael. We must remember that generally angelic names finished with “el” like Michael Gabriel.

The cartoon character Gargamel and his cat Azrael had names of fallen angels which end with “el”. The Mystics took these names from demons to make cartoon characters and children watching these cartoons are possessed by demons. The purpose of cartoons is to cause hardhead and rebellion in children and demonic possession.

It is filled with demons. Cartoon character such as Eric Cartman is a demon. He is a violent demon. Spiderman is a demon. Superman is a demon. Christian parents are leaving their children to watch these demonic cartoons.

The situation is grave for the devil. There’s no time left for him. He told us to work with twice the speed of human. Beloved, the beast is already here on the earth. The Antichrist is alive and he is here; he is precisely residing beneath the Vatican Basilica.

I have a message and knowledge to reveal to Christians. In the dark world, we knew that Christians are the ones with superior power, they are the ones that are capable of stopping the devil and his army. Satan has the visible army of witches and Satanists, and occultists. He has the invisible army made up of angels and demons.

He continued to share and reveal how the devil attacks, and how they could even destroy God’s children because God’s children are ignorant of their power. He indicated how a man of God alone can block and cancel all the witches’ Satanists, including mystics in the city.

In the astral world of witches, there are cars, trains, planes, and infrastructure. God’s children in Africa must learn to destroy the transport system and infrastructure of witches all around them. You must learn to destroy the communication system of witches.

The witches have installed radars everywhere in order to monitor the world and God’s people in every street and buildings they are radars of witches. There are central radars of city and country showing all the people and all God’s children.

When I got in witchcraft, I was just a child. I was supposed to obey. When we arrived in the astral world. I saw that we were in a meeting where others were debating how to spread witchcraft so that they will become numerous.

The ruler of this brotherhood was dressed in a black coat and sat on the throne and he was giving orders. They told me when people asked, you will not talk about this experience. You will just tell them you had a bad dream.

His story is detailed but before he ended this one, he entreated everyone to ensure to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Please share this post.

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