hands starting to sweat

Hands starting to sweat.
Next thing you know, your palms are wet.
It gets harder to swallow and your mouth is so dry.
You are mad and feel like you could cry.
Doesn’t she realize how this makes you feel?
While you stare at him with a look that could kill,
She smiles and looks to him like he could do no wrong.
I don’t think he is so funny.
She still loves you and calls you honey.
That’s what you tell yourself as your blood starts to boil.
It feels like your heart is beginning to spoil.
Is it getting hotter in here?
That’s what you have to ask someone as you take another sip of beer.
She must know how bad it makes you hurt,
Sitting here watching her flirt.
Maybe it is just you, maybe it not that bad.
Why is she doing that? your friend just has to add,
It is as bad as you thought.
This is a lesson no one should be taught,
So you call her over and say come sit with me.
Tell her, “I love you, sweet pea.”
Give her a kiss and shoot him a smile
And thank God that only lasted for a little while.

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