#FixtheCountry: Ghana Twitter embarks on campaign for change in governance

Ghanaians on Twitter have had enough of what they call ‘a broken country’. They have begun a campaign to have the economy fixed.

According to most of the tweets, the change they voted for has not 8 qmaterialized. People have cited inconsistent power supply, lack of water in some parts of Ghana and the damage to our water bodies because of galamsey activities.

Currently, the hashtag #FixTheCountry is trending worldwide at number 4. Some tweets contained criticism made by the government when they were in power. Others have a collage of the Ghana flag and the deplorable state of the country.

Amongst the tweet is also a constant reminder that the campaign is not politically motivated. Some Twitter peeps also say both the past and the present government have let the economy down. They call for a change in governance but not the government.

This won’t stop here, we hitting the streets as well @gyaigyimii if u will need funds for t-shirts or any other thing am ready to support with the little I can.

We need to stand to this course and make it better #FixTheCountry

— Etw3 Orgasm (@wane_3na_At3) May 3, 2021
People Are Dying On Our Poor Roads, We Need Street Lights & The Roads Fixed! Driving At Night Has Really Become Dreadful & Dangerous 🤦‍♂️ #FixTheCountry #FixGhana

— Ypee Baakop3🤴 (@ypeegh) May 3, 2021

FixTheCountry , i follow back quickly 😚 just try me

— K-9👻 (@Kobbysmartt) May 3, 2021
We’re not just gonna talk about it. We will be about it. Together we stand, divided we fall. #FixTheCountry

— EFIAODO (@efiaodo1) May 3, 2021
I work from 6:30am to 4pm as a teacher. How many hours bro?? I pick two cars before I get to work and when I checked my salary and calculated what I’m paid a day, it will shock you 😭😭 Fuck this #FixTheCountry

— 🟣CallmeSafoa🦋👸🏽🇬🇭 (@safoa_xoxo) May 3, 2021

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