#FixTheCountry; Efia odo inspires and leads a campaign against poor Govt. leadership.

Efia odo, a Ghanaian internet sensation who is known all over social media platforms for her sexiness and her controversial choice of dressing as it exposes so much skin has taken to social media to register her displeasure at her countries government leadership style.

This comes as result of the recent hardships the country is facing. Prices of goods and services continue to rise without any hopes of falling anytime soon. Unending power outages, unavailability of potable drinking water due operations of Galamsey operators and many more problems. This called for a lot of backlash from the the public as this happens to be the exact opposite of what the current president Nana Addo promised the country prior to gaining power and maintaining power.

Efia Odo is now inspiring people to speak up to keep the government on its toes through series of tweets and pushing for people to sign a petition that seeks to amplify the voice of Ghanaians who are suffering as a result of bad country leadership. Here are some her tweets

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