face off

lick you down to yah chest,
Burry my head right in between your boobs,
Turning me into an infant as I get down to sucking and teasing your nipples using the tip of my tongue,
You start getting jumpy asking for more,
I lick you down your tummy,
As I caress your thighs,
You arc your back raising your chest,
Giving a slight opening on your thigh,
The view of your cunt is fascinating and intriguing,
I get down right in between your thighs,
As I start licking and eating your punani,
The pleasure makes you moan,
Holding my head so that I may dig deeper using my tongue,
You squirt making your cunt ready for smashing,
I tease the door way using my dick,
Then slide it in as I start hitting it,
Tonight am gonna be your daddy,
Cause I go make you feel like a real woman.

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