everybody will go

Everyone will go
These three will always be there for me i know..!!
When i smile they smile too,
When i cry they cry too,
When i say i hate myself they say they love me,
And they’ll never judge me for me just being me..!!
Sometimes i hurt them and i am not even sorry,
They say they dont want forgiveness dont worry.!!
I can laugh at the dumbest reasons,
I can cry out at all seasons.!!
They are someone i can get mad at,
Without them getting upset..!!
We gossip, we fight,
We together make out what’s wrong and what’s right!
They never promised to be with me forever,
And i know they’ll leave
Of hundreds of people who have known me,
Or just pretended to know me,
My comfort zone still lies in them,
They know who i actually am..!!
I am not alone they always remind me,
They say chill out you’ll always have us three..!!
They listen to me even when they aren’t free,
Doesn’t your mind now question who are these three.?
They remind me to love myself,
They are none other than I , me and myself.!!

  • Nandita Tanya

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