Evangelist Akwasi reveals the secrets of being baptized in a swimming pool.(watch out)

We talk a lot about Evangelist Akwasi Awuah’s wonderful and perfect works in the Kingdom ministry. He is a fearless and well-known Evangelist who can honestly say God’s mind without fear.

He is known for his direct and unadulterated messages to his congregation and all Ghanaians who listen to him.

Evangelist Akausi Awuah, preaching on the topic of baptism, claimed unequivocally that if you really confess, you do not need to be baptized in a swimming pool.

“As a repentant Christian, you must be baptized in a flowing river or body of water. Baptism by sprinkling and baptism in a swimming pool are not the best options for a repentant Christian “- As previously claimed by evangelist Akwasi Awuah.

For the sake of reading. Evangelist Akwasi Awuah added that Jesus Christ is our example and that he was baptized in a river, and that we must also be baptized in a river, not a swimming pool.

“If you really repent, a swimming pool baptism is not the safest.”

Nana Agrada, on the other hand, was baptized in a swimming pool.

So, what are your thoughts?

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