death awaits


Everyone’s got so many reasons to live,
And yet few words to explain why.
Life has its own issues, many unsolved puzzles but letting go off it is never an option.
As if I’ve lived any better,
as if I’ve seen it all in life,
But trust me, losing to death is something I’ll never want to do.

But sometimes I wonder what death could really be,
I marvel at the gut it has to take lives;
something fueled by the Almighty Himself.
I can say death is a thief who has robbed many of life’s opportunities.
So often, the news of someone’s death piques some fear in me.

For as long as the thought of death sends quivers down your spine,
Just know to be alive is to be unlucky,
because everyday is a reminder of tomorrow’s inevitable death.
To be alive is just to live in awe of a day before your death.

~The Concerned

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