Carragher, a Liverpool legend, believes Klopp can make a purchase because his squad needs to be refreshed.

Jamie Carragher, a Liverpool legend, believes they must buy this summer.

Carragher suggests that the return of the injured players will

significantly strengthen the squad, but that a new consistency infusion in the forward third is needed to challenge for the title next season.

Carragher told Sky Sports, “There’s no question about it, they’ll change.”“As soon as you put in three centre-backs who are already at the club.

I think it helps them a lot, but we still talk about centre-backs, but the biggest issue for me is at the other end of the pitch, where Liverpool hasn’t had any injuries.

With Jota coming in, it’s more often than not the same front three.

That’s almost a bigger concern, because I’m confident that the defensive flaws we’ve seen at times this season will be addressed

with the players returning and Liverpool signing a player in that role in the summer.

But I think the biggest concern is that there’s almost a changing of the guard going on, that this team is almost over, but it needs to be refreshed.

The heart of the defense, centre-backs, central midfield, and someone to come in and break up the front three.

It’s been incredible for four or five years, but as we’ve already discussed on shows,

very rarely do we see a front three stick together for as long as this one has,

and the lack of goals this season has been the biggest disappointment.

I always believe Liverpool will be the biggest challengers next season, but it all comes down to summer recruitment and who you put in.

“I definitely believe that with Jurgen Klopp, you’re bringing back players who have won the title before,

and you’re bringing back Van Dijk, who, for me, along with Kevin De Bruyne,

were two of the best players in the Premier League for the last two or three years.

So, if you have someone of that caliber back and he plays like he used to,

Liverpool would be a lot better. They’ll have the upper hand when it comes to challenging Man City next season.

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