Callum Hudson-Odoi, a Chelsea midfielder, on his family’s rivalry with Fulham.

After I joined Chelsea, we played against Fulham loads of times but I remember one game when I was really young and my brother had just left them.

He told me to try and score as many goals against them as possible!”I think I scored 14 in that game and I was proud about that.

It’s always good to play Fulham and it’s a derby for us as well so it’s a big game.

Callum Hudson-Odoi, a Chelsea midfielder, says the club’s push for the top four continues ahead of their match against Fulham.

Hudson-Odoi maintains that the players are focused on qualifying for the Champions League.”Our goal is to finish in the top four,

and we’re in a strong place right now,” the 20-year-old told the club’s website. “Every game that comes our way, we want to take it and try to get three points out of it.

“”This is a huge game for us, so we’re all prepared to step up and contribute.” Fulham is a good team with good players, but we’ve had a lot of success recently, so I believe the manager and the players know what we need to do to win the game.”Hudson-Odoi acknowledges that the Cottagers are a family competition for him.

“I used to watch my brother’s (Fulham) games all the time, and it was fun to be around an academy and see stuff like that,

particularly because it was my older brother trying to achieve his dreams of being a professional footballer,”

he said.We played Fulham a lot after I joined Chelsea, but I recall one game when I was very young and my brother had just left them.

He advised me to score as many goals as possible against them!”I think I scored 14 goals in that game, which I was proud of;

it’s always fun to play Fulham, and it’s also a derby for us, so it’s a big game.”

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