Before The 2020 Elections They Tagged Me As NDC Member- Johnny Hughes

Johnny Hughes has once again spoken against the way Ghanaians tag anything that goes against their political parties as political. According to him as a Ghanaian, he also sees what is happening and has a cause to complain. He noted that he will continue to do what is right.

“Sam Jonah said there is a culture of silence and people say there is no culture of silence, shut up. Now tell what is that? Is that not a culture of silence by shutting him down. This is not the citizen President Akufo-Addo asked us to be. Whatever taxes you pay I pay. Whatever waakye joint you join I join. Whatever water you pay, I also pay so I need to talk.

In 2016 I spoke against the Mahama government and NPP friends were happy and the NDC said I was anti Mahama. My side hasn’t changed. Now when I talk they say I am NDC. In the 2020 elections, they moved heaven and earth to put a tag on me. Heaven and earth! Including deputy ministers, ministers of state, they will tweet at say and say all manner of things. They say it even though they know what is happening is not right” John Said emotionally.

According to Johnny Hughes, one example is when government procured chairs for use and the chairs were in the open and left to rot. He said people attacked him after he spoke against it. They tried to say he was against the government. He maintained that this fight is not political and he speaks as a citizen should. He called on all Ghanaians to join in and speak when something is wrong.

“How does this make anyone political. It doesn’t add up” Johnny concluded. Today, Monday, May 3, 2021 is World Press Freedom. How free is the press in Ghana? How secured are the press?

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