Avoid Unwanted Pregnancy With ‘Hwentia’

Your struggle with the many side effects of artificial contraceptives has come to an end. The natural methods you know like the pull out method is probably not working for you and you probably don’t know your free period because your cycle is irregular and it is soo stressing you out. You don’t need to worry anymore because ‘hwentia’ as an effective natural contraceptive has come to your rescue.

Artificial Contraceptives even though effective, come with many side effects like headache, cramps, irregular periods, bloated stomachs etc.

Negro Pepper which is known as ‘hwentia’ is Ghana, on the other hand is one effective emergency contraceptive. It will surprise you to know that our ancestors used this to prevent pregnancies when they didn’t have condoms or contraceptive pills at their disposal in the past.

How To Prepare

Boil about two tablespoons of hwentia in about 600ml of water for 10 minutes. Let it cool and strain. Shake very well and drink a glass right after sexual intercourse to prevent pregnancy. It can also be put in bottles and preserved in the refrigerator.

Remember that reproduction is a choice and you need not to get stressed over pregnancies. Use this natural, safe and effective method and thank me later.

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