at the bridge


At the blackest day,
On the shores of the River;
The river with the rotten bridge🥺,
I will hold you hand,
Give you the hope which you knew not♥️.

As the sun sets,
I will embrace you🤗,
Give you the courage,hold your hand as we cross the river,
I will place a soft kiss on your cheek,
As the bridge gets weeker at the middle🥺.

And if darkness falls before we reach the shore,
I will sit with you in the cold,
Under my arms you will rest,
I will be there to see you through♥️,
I promise🥺.

If the rotten bridge breaks down;
Just before we see ourselves the it,
Don’t worry because;
I will shield you with my hands🥺,
If it’s to die then I will have to die protecting you,
I will see unto your wellfare♥️

Just stay cool
I will see you through🥺


©Onkoba Dee Poet

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