Are you or your elderly parents moving to an Apartment

Are you or your elderly parents moving to an Apartment from a house? Here’s Help

So you’re moving to an apartment, what do you do with all your favorite things you can’t live without? Are your parents elderly and you’re downsizing them? Sure you can’t take everything, but you probably can manage your/their most valued pieces.

Admit it. We all have items that are precious to us and must be in the interior of our homes to make it home! Lets say Grandmas “chamber pot”..ok….maybe not that. But something.

First decide what you’re able to afford as far as rent or mortgage. Then do an inventory of all things you wish to keep with you. If your a pack rat…well…nows the time to go Cold Turkey and toss out some stuff…yard sale the good stuff…and save the best stuff for your new domain.

Now, try to shop around and see how much space you can get for your buck. The bigger… the more you get to take with you. If you can afford the den or the extra room…take it! Perhaps you can sacrifice indoor space for a small yard to garden or tinker in.

Ok, I know you will be taking..

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