Antonio Blanco is seen floating after Real Madrid’s win over Osasuna.

Antonio Blanco, a Real Madrid midfielder, seemed to be floating after his team’s victory over Osasuna.

And, if necessary, the youngster says he’ll be happy to play for Castilla on Sunday.“Whenever the coach calls on me, I want to make sure I’m able.

I’m working hard to ensure that when I’m called upon, I do my best. I try to play my best game and contribute to the squad. “[Zinedine] Zidane just told me to play my game,” the midfielder explained.

This was a crucial game in terms of staying in the title race. We worked hard from the first whistle and put on a fantastic show.

We’re now focused on our next Champions League match and making the final.“It’s a privilege to play alongside Casemiro, who is a role model.

He gives me a lot of advice, and I’m honored to be able to play with him and the best players in the world. It is a privilege to wear this shirt.

I’m going to keep working hard every day so that when opportunities arise, I’ll be able to take advantage of them.

We’re prepared to win LaLiga as well as the Champions League.

I’m pleased to be called up, and I’ll play on Sunday if I’m needed,” Blanco said of Castilla. I’ll do everything I can to help Castilla win.”

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