Aging Parents and Role Reversal

This is the day you thought would never happen. Your roles in life are reversing. Youre trying to make decisions for yourself and your Aging Parent. What will be best for them without altering your life too drastically. How do you keep up the pace and ultimately please everyone around you? You are not alone in life, you have a family, significant other, a career to think about. You want to balance everything to keep everyone happy and life as normal as possible. Think again! Those once a week visits or daily phone calls arent enough anymore. Your parent needs care, the real kind.

The care includes making sure they eat, that they take their meds, that their money isnt being floundered away on TV shopping. You have siblings that think Assisted Living or Nursing Facilities are awful and they dont want to put Mom or Dad in one even though they also dont want to help out. How do you cope? How do you deal with this situation without alienating every member of your family?

First understand, its not about you. What I mean by that statement is that it is not about guilt and what some think is the Right thing to do. Its not about hanging on to someone that…

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