a letter to my crush

A letter to my crush❤️🌹
Before it’s tommorow atleast today be mine
Come and embrace me like it’s our last day
Dance tango together
Enjoy the little time we got
Fantasies about our dreams
Go miles away a quiet and a green serenity
Hold me for your touch is my everything
I will not let you go
Just the two of us you and me
Kind heart you own
Loves you are my daily hope
My all time remedy
Now my dreams will come true
Our journey of love get started
Promise you will always got me till the end
Quench my thirst for love
Real emporer as you empress me
Stay at each other side even if it’s a favor
Tune to our favorite song
U’ll forever be in my heart
Valiant as a royal king
Walk along the city streets when the day closes
Xtreme care I feel near you
You be my light in the moon less sky
Zillions memories we keep

I love you 😘😘❤️

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