The Options Available During or After National Service. 2021 Ed.

National Service Scheme is a secretariat formed in 1973 to absorb young tertiary graduates in Ghana into diversified work fields for a temporary period (12months).  It often starts in September of every year .This helps young graduates to gain some working experience and enable them prepare themselves for life.

Because this is a temporary job, it is imperative that any national service personnel takes proactive life decisions before the stipulated period is over.

Things You Must Do Before Completing NSS

  1. You must decide whether you want to work for someone(be employed) [1] or work for yourself (start a business) [2].
  • You must have completed your CV and applied for jobs 6 months after your service starts [1]. Do not focus too much on your area of study when Job hunting.
  • You must draw your plan for the business you want to venture into, and begin rolling out your business 6months or earlier, after you start your NSS [2]. Because businesses do not always pick up right from the onset, you should start developing your business early, so by the time you exit from the national service scheme support, your business may have yielded meaningful profits that can take care of you. However, this assertion may differ depending on the type of business and the effort you put into it.

Side Notes

Build connections with people you think may help you fulfill your dreams, especially your superiors and colleagues at work. Set a long term goal and break them into short term goals and endeavor to achieve them.

If you have not done any of these, it is not too late to start now! Best wishes.

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