still standing

I have been strong, for so long Mr Wrong
It’s been long, Mr Wrong since you accepted your wrong.
You have no idea for how long you have been wrong, but won’t admit you were wrong.
Anyway I’m still standing.

I had to fall, reach the wall ,my last roll in order to rise.
You called me loser, my life got looser, yet you were a successful boozer, misusing resources.
I had to call it a wrap, pick myself up and go for another lap.
Anyway im still standing.

My sweaty projects ,were your easy rejects, i believe it was a process.
My efforts were excess, it was in your conscience, i believed in success.
To you i failed but I Know i raised, you saw me wail and ail but i had aim, an aim to aid my raise, my raise that you tried to erase.
Anyway I’m still standing.

It was a shame to beg, like a lame cling on your leg.
Just because of fame, u played me like a game.
Im sorry i was lame, but now im made, im new and i know my name.
My name is strength, ambition, will power and optimism.
Anyway im still standing

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