Great Ampong tells Ghanaians how Agraada scammed his brother.

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Today’s story is about Nana Agraada. Great Ampong has come out to make some controversial claims. Check out the breakdown.

Great Ampong is a renowned Ghanaian gospel musician. In the light of what has been trending in Ghana, this man has revealed very substantial truth about Agraada. Great Ampong narrates how Agraada abused him verbally due to his refusal to allow his work to be televised on Agraada’s Tv station.

He went on to tell Ghanaians how his brother became a victim to Agraada’s manipulations. “My brother once told me he needed a car for taxi. I asked him to come and see me. He never showed up and he was not clear in his reasons for the delay. Unknowingly, he went to Agraada for ” sika gari” only for his GHc5,000 to be taken. The “sika gari” didn’t come neither did he get back his money”, said Great Ampong.

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