What happens in the bedroom does not necessarily stay in the bedroom. I know we all agree. As morally unjust and childish as it may seem, some things definitely go out of the bedroom. To guys, it is more of what they did in there to “blow her mind” and a little of what she did. To the ladies, it is more of what he did good and less of what he did bad, although that is what may predominantly be on their minds. 

Amongst all of that, there is one common wonder, the size of the D! “Oooooh, was he packing down there?? How big was he?” Damn girl, your ladies want to know! 


Did the size matter to you? Was the size good enough for you?

Most of us interpret this question as “is a big penis important?” But should it really be so?

He was neither small nor huge. He was just right for you, but would you tell your girlfriends that he was packing or not? Would he be big enough for your friends? Or too big?? 

Lots of ladies around the world say it is more about the motion in the ocean, or how you work with what you got. There’s no denying that knowing how to use what you have is extremely important. Perhaps even more so than the size. But if the lady you’re working on has a bigger crevice than you’re used to, what then? Or a smaller one? 


Hello! Size does matter, but not in the general way we mostly think. The size preference of Abena is different from that of Adzo because they both have different sizes of vaginas. 

The importance of size comes in relation to the individual. The size matter in respect to the individual you’re dealing with.

In recent surveys, a group of 50 women were asked to pick among different penile sizes, out of which 45 picked average sized and slightly girthier penises and 5 picked longer ones. 

Every woman has their preference…but thicker might just be cutting across all women,no? Lol 

Another research shows that men with longer and bigger members have a higher chance of impregnating a woman since the semen is “dumped” further in. Ah well!

Ladies, you know yourselves. You know what you like and what works for you. If he doesn’t cut it in the size department for you, move on and find what works for you. Life is too short to make compromises on sexual pleasure. 

As much as size matters, skill matters even more. 

If you have both the size and the skills, ah well, who is going to say no to that?

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