the prom

It takes too much courage for me to gather
For you are the best gift in my life
My lovely prince charming
The best gift that ever happened,
I thank the most high for bringing you into my life
Onyango the king in my Kingdom
My one and only man
I’m proud to have you as my man
This is the reason as to why,
I choose you among the millions
You’re the only man that I adore
En I adore you with all my heart

Meshack – I know distance might be a problem
But forever you’ll be in my thoughts
I do swear, for the sun is my witness
I can’t imagine how life can be without you by my side
You help me to cope,
When I’m down you give me hope
You motivate me

Falling in love with you was not a mistake
Coz deep in my heart I knew you were the one
En I was your left rib
My king I’m proud to be with you
Together we’ll build a kingdom
Together we’ll raise our sons and daughters

My king I love you more than words can explain
I love you more than you can imagine
‎I really mean it honey
I’ll take you to my pacho
There you’ll meet my parents
I bet they’ll like you
En you’ll take me as your wife
King- Meshack Onyango ,
I do love you with all my heart

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