Nii Saka Brown Reveals Why Many Actors Die Poor

Nii Saka Brown, a veteran actor, has revealed that some actors face difficulties in their later years since retiring.

In an interview with Akoma FM, Nii Saka Brown revealed that many of her co-stars do not prepare their lives well enough to understand that they will not be famous indefinitely.

“I just hope no one is insulted by this, but the fact is that many of my coworkers do not prepare their life well enough to understand that they may not be popular indefinitely.

“As a result, they often waste all of their earnings by acting without saving or spending a dime. When I have kids to look after, I never buy shoes that cost more than GH 200,” Nii Saka Brown revealed.

“By the time my children reach adulthood, I want each of them to own at least 20 acres of land. I see this as a struggle I’m battling, and I’m putting in a lot of effort to win,” he said.

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