Laporta pays another visit to the Barcelona players.

Barcelona’s loss to Granada on Thursday dealt a major blow to their hopes of winning LaLiga Santander,

with the Blaugrana having squandered a chance to take an outright lead at the top of the table,

but with the players in need of motivation, Joan Laporta has returned to see them.

Barcelona are eager to move on quickly after the shock loss, which comes ahead of two crucial matches

against tough opposition in Valencia and Atletico Madrid.

On Friday morning,

Laporta arrived at the Ciudad Deportiva to attend the signing of Oscar Mingueza’s contract extension,

but he also met with representatives of the senior team.

Despite the recent poor performance, the president met with some players and expressed his faith in them, though he was unable to meet with all of them.

As a result, he plans to greet the whole squad on Sunday ahead of the away match against Valencia,

and it won’t be the first time he’s done so, as the newly elected president did so before the match against Paris Saint-Germain.

In the dressing room, Laporta is greeted.

Surprisingly, particularly at this early stage, Laporta is warmly welcomed in the locker room by the players, and the two have a good rapport.

He demonstrated it during his Copa del Rey celebrations,

and he is still eager to lend his support to the players, as he was during his first term in office.

Josep Maria Bartomeu was notoriously unpopular among the players,

and he never considered entering the dressing room because he knew he wouldn’t be welcomed.

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