kinda creepy

She gets off her bed,
As the clock hits the 6am,
Then looks into the mirror,
It’s time for a new mayhem

She puts on her mask,
And too fake of a smile,
It’s 8 AM now,
She needs to run down a mile,

She reaches her destination
Her room filled with too much of crowd,
She tames the monsters inside her head,
Who had longed to come out

She again looks at the clock,
And goes on with her day,
She is asked out for coffee,
But she looked down and walked away

The clock hits 10 pm,
And she is drifted off to sleep,
Only her pillow knows,
How much she does weep

Her room filled with darkness ,
And it makes her life feel so small,
Hoping tomorrow when she wakes up,
The sun doesn’t rise at all !


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